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Workshop with Nurses in Kawasaki City and CHANGE members

On December 15, a workshop (WS) with 22 nurses working in Ka…

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Visiting Class at a High School in Kawasaki City

On December 15, a visiting class was held for second-year st…

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The logo of the headquarters has been completed.

The "C to G with Ts" is a concept that brings CHANGE to so…

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About MEXT/JST "Program on open innovation platform for industry-academia co-creation (COI-NEXT)"

This is an industry-academia collaboration program in which universities and others take the lead in formulating a vision for the future society (vision of the center), promoting research and development to realize the vision, and forming an independent center of industry-academia-government co-creation that will continuously produce results even after the project is completed. The program is called "COI-NEXT" because of its institutional design based on the "vision-driven, back-casting R&D" concept of the Center of Innovation (COI) program, one of JST's existing center-forming programs.