Greeting from the Project Leader

Project Leader
Prof. Takanori Ichiki
iCONM Research Director
Graduated School for Engineering,
University of Tokyo

As Japan’s birthrate declines and the population ages ahead of the rest of the world, more and more people will require long-term nursing care, leading to a shortage of medical infrastructure and medical personnel. We need to transition to a lifestyle and social system that does not place an undue burden on medical institutions. In home healthcare, nurses cannot stay with patients 24 hours a day as they can in hospitals. We need tools, systems, and knowledge that allow anyone to provide nursing care, not just doctors and nurses, but anyone who is close to the patient. In this project, we see the challenges of a society with longevity as a CHANCE to create new industries and businesses, and we are taking on the challenge of CHANGE to change people and society in order to realize flexible and strong medical and healthcare systems. Innovations that enable the reduction of the burden of nursing care and the control of aging through cutting-edge technologies and systems. We will work with nursing care providers and citizens to achieve these goals, and look forward to your continued support of the CHANGE project.