About our project “CHANGE”

As the birthrate declines and the population ages, the number of people requiring nursing care per person in the working population in Japan continues to increase year by year, and if this trend continues, it is statistically predicted that by 2040 the burden will be 1.5 times the current level. It has long been said that in order to slow this upward trend, it is necessary to extend healthy life expectancy, i.e., the period during which people can lead autonomous lives by slowing the aging process. However, the reality is that there is still no effective solution. Therefore, we have conducted interviews with people in various fields and researched what is effective in extending healthy life expectancy. As a result, the field of home health care nursing emerged as one that has not been addressed to a great extent. In hospitals, nurses stay with patients 24 hours a day to provide appropriate care, but this is not possible at home. To extend healthy life expectancy, it is necessary to improve the quality of care. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the care literacy of citizens and to provide nursing tools that anyone can easily use at home. We need tools that can be used only by doctors and nurses," said a visiting nurse and a doctor at a core regional hospital. The vision of the center was "a resilient, healthy and long-lived society led by medical-engineering and nursing co-creation," and four targets and five research and development issues were formulated. Resilient" is defined as a state of "flexible resilience" against disease, and the goal is to develop technology that systematically captures changes in physical condition as people age in their daily lives and restores them as needed.
The proposal adopted this time seeks to enhance the care literacy of citizens and create tools and mechanisms that enable non-medical professionals, such as family members, to provide nursing care in the comfort of their homes. We will also begin research on the application of smart nanomachines, which are being studied in the concept of an in-body hospital** that we aim to realize in 2045, to slow down the aging process. As the word "nursing" implies, nursing has been based on "hand and eye protection," and innovation in science and engineering has lagged behind in comparison with other fields.

**In-body hospital: see 202105_COINS_NK.indd (kawasaki-net.ne.jp)