Workshop with Nurses in Kawasaki City and CHANGE members

On December 15, a workshop (WS) with 22 nurses working in Kawasaki City and CHANGE members was held. The workshop was sponsored by “Committee for Promotion of Working Environment Improvement” of the Kawasaki Nursing Association (KNA). It was part of an effort to let more nurses know about the Project CHANGE. Following opening remarks by Ms. Akie Hotta, Chairperson of KNA, and an explanation of the purpose of the workshop by Ms. Junko Goto, Chair of the Committee, Dr. Yukihiro Kanda, CHANGE Researcher, and Ms. Miyuki Kojima, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, Kawasaki City Ida Hospital, gave a report on “Shadowing”. Originally, “shadowing” means that young nurses would follow veteran nurses around to learn practical nursing skills. The goal is for the engineering researchers to understand the process of nursing practice and generate ideas that will lead to tools and systems to improve efficiency, and we have heard that this has begun to have a positive impact on the way nurses work. This is the second time we have held a WS between nurses and researchers. Last year, we targeted new nurses in their first year of employment. This year, the participants were those who applied for the “Great Survey on What Nursing Needs” to find out the needs in the nursing field. The participants were mainly mid-career nurses, and as such, there were no small number of things that they find inconvenient on a daily basis, and all the groups were very excited to be able to voice their concerns.

Finally, Prof. Takanori Ichiki, CHANGE Project Leader, made a general comment and expressed his deep appreciation to the nurses for the hard work they perform on a daily basis.

Opening remarks by Ms. Akie Hotta

Workshop Scene①

Workshop Scene②

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